Info sheets

Quick, simple explanations of our key work areas and tools

Accelerating Dataset Assembly

December 2020



The Social Wellbeing Agency has developed the Dataset Assembly Tool to standardise and automate dataset assembly This tool simplifies the process of combining data from a wider range of difference sources together in a single dataset. Using the tool has sped up delivery, reduced errors, and increased knowledge sharing for our IDI projects. The assembly tool is now available for other researchers to use.

Measuring changes in people’s wellbeing

May 2020



To measure changes in wellbeing associated social services, we’ve developed an analytical method that links administrative and survey data. In the first instance, we’ve used this method to measure the wellbeing impacts of social housing in New Zealand, and produced some meaningful preliminary findings.

Modelling Insights – timelines of people’s lived experience

09 Apr 2019

Journey Timelines


To make social sector insights more accessible, we’ve developed a technique for producing representative timelines of people’s interactions with social services, throughout their lives. Drawing on cross-sector data, this technique enhances our ability to see New Zealanders’ lived experiences, rather than the data collected about us.

Data research tool – the Social Investment Analytical Layer

Feb 2019

Social Investment Analytical Layer Fact Sheet


Statistics NZ’s Integrated Data Infrastructure holds anonymised data from government agencies and NGOs across New Zealand, making it an important asset for social sector analysis. We’ve developed data tables which arrange the data into consistent formats for easier, faster navigation by authorised data analysts and researchers.