Data systems

Better decision making is supported by safe, secure access to and the respectful use of people’s data and information.

Our data systems team enables the safe and respectful use and sharing of people’s data and information across the social system. We engage with the social system, supporting data capability improvement. We provide data solutions and integration architecture. And we create and innovative data services which improve social service provision. Ultimately, we want to empower social service providers and government agencies to understand, decide on and do more of what really works, for better lives.

What are data systems?

Guided by safe use and sharing policy and protocols, data systems enable respectful use and secure access to data and information for data sharing, analysis and decision making. Data systems also support the improvement of social sector data capability, by providing tools and guidance about safe, secure and the respectful use of people’s data and information.

What can data systems do?

Data systems can support data linking and exchange between multiple service provider systems in near real time. They can allow users to enter and link dynamic or changing data. And they can support service providers’ safe access to the data and information they need to make better service decisions, and improve wellbeing outcomes.

The Data Protection and Use Policy

We’ve worked closely with the social sector to write a Policy for the respectful, trusted and transparent use of people's data and information. It explains what ‘doing the right thing’ looks like across the social sector when collecting and using people’s data and information. If you work in the social sector, then this Policy is relevant to you. Implementation commenced early 2020 with a foundation group of government agencies and NGOs. This group will support the development of practical tools and experience to help others in the social sector to progressively adopt the Policy. Visit the DPUP website(external link) to learn more.

The Data Exchange

The Data Exchange provides a safe, secure and easy method for government and service providers to transfer data, alongside clear guidelines about how data is used. Using the Data Exchange means evidence based social support decisions can be made sooner, improving service delivery and enhancing people’s lives. Learn about the Data Exchange.

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