Emergency information

In an emergency, this page will feature regular updates for our staff.


Update - 2:30 PM, Monday 23 March

The Prime Minister has announced that New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 3, and will move to Alert Level 4 in 48 hours (Midnight, Wednesday 25 March). Read the Prime Minister's press release(external link) and more about New Zealand's alert level system.(external link)

What this means is that coming into the office this week is no longer an option, and we will all be at home for at least the next 4 weeks. We will continue to keep in touch with you in the ways we discussed this morning, including via your managers and through our regular stand-ups by teleconference.  

Please continue to work from home as best you can given the situation, take care of you, take care of your family, be kind.


Update - 12:00 PM, Monday 23 March

Below is a summary of stand-up on Monday 23 March:

  1. Staff – we don’t want anyone worried about their employment status. Conversations will place today with all fixed term staff and contractors. 
  2. BCP test on Tuesday, 24 March – it is going to be a little more than test i.e. it is the real thing. We’ll capture lessons learnt from the experience on Wednesday, 25 March (Lynda’s challenge that we’ll all help with).
  3. ELT – one or two of us will be here every day this week with the exception of tomorrow, as we’re doing the BCP test. 
  4. If you need to be in the office, this requires ELT approval eg need to do something in the lab, or want to come in to resolve an IT issue. 
  5. Face-to-face meetings with externals are cancelled until further notice. Use technology to connect with people. 
  6. Work programme - If unsure, please check with your Manager. 
  7. Logistics – HR pulling together a one pager on working from home. If you need keyboards, mouse, chairs email Emma Lines today. She is compiling a list of what people need and we’ll get these to you over the coming days. 
  8. National Crisis Management Centre  – if you have been contacted to support the centre please let your Manager know, they are contacting people direct who indicated they were available to help
  9. Comms – really important we stay in touch, for our mental wellbeing (work, social and family) so let’s not stop connecting.   Let us know what is, and is not working around comms, we’ll adapt. 

Think about limiting your own movement as much as you can, that will help.

Reach out to one of your Managers or ELT members with questions, we’re here to help.

Continue checking this page for updates. 


Update - 4:30 PM, Sunday 22 March

Our country is currently responding to COVID-19. On Saturday 21 March, the Prime Minister announced a four-stage alert system(external link) for COVID-19 and confirmed that New Zealand has been moved to Alert Level 2. The Prime Minister’s statement and speech can be found here(external link).

From Monday 23 March, SWA will be move to working remotely where possible, with immediate effect. 

ELT will be onsite in our building on Monday morning. There will be a stand-up at 11 am for all staff. If you are not there in person, please make sure you dial in using the numbers provided via email. If you cannot access your email, please notify your manager who will provide you with these details.

Working from home

We’re aware that some of you may not have your work devices with you. If you can get to work safely, you are welcome to come and pick up your device from the office on Monday morning and then head home. If you can’t get in safely – please let your ELT member know, by 11 am and we will arrange delivery of your laptop.

If you’re taking public transport to get to work to pick up your device, please follow the physical distancing advice which is to try and leave the seat next to you free.

Please support each other

We know these are uncertain times and some of you may be feeling anxious or worried. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to your manager.  Please also try to reach out to each other.  Physical distancing makes keeping socially connected very important. Vitae is also there if you need.

 This page will be updated as needed with messages for staff, alongside staff emails.

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